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6 Benefits of Getting Permanent Makeup

Anyone who has had quality permanent makeup will tell you that it has changed their lives in the most positive way.

Freedom from the hassle of applying makeup = Nearly maintenance-free!
Nothing is more frustrating than having to reapply makeup after every activity. This is true for busy people who want to look their best for sports activities (such as swimming, hiking, biking, aerobics) but don't have (or want to) spend time applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day and evening. Citing convenience above all else, many people find permanent makeup to be the most economical for saving time and money. Permanent makeup lasts for years. With regular touch ups, you may never have to purchase pencils and liners again. It's an assurance that you can wake up every day, with little to no effort.

Suffer allergies no more!
Micro-pigmentation (aka, permanent makeup) is especially valuable to people who can't wear traditional cosmetics because of allergies and skin sensitivities. No more chronically red and watery eyes! In most cases the dye used in permanent cosmetics does not contain the same allergens as traditional makeup.

Symmetry created
Irregular shapes of your brows, eyes, lips can be modified with permanent makeup. People who have alopecia or whose hair has been effected by chemotherapy, or perhaps may suffer from bells palsy or trichotillomania, benefit from permanent makeup. Realistic solutions to enhance and improve their natural features and draw attention away from irregularities.

Showcase your natural features.
As we get older our lips get thinner and lose their definition, the natural color fades, and blends into our face. Not only that, the increase of vertical lines makes it hard to keep lipstick from caking or bleeding onto the skin outside the vermilion border. This makes permanent makeup a good solution for people who want little effort on a day-to-day basis. Permanent makeup serves to enhance natural beauty and often is undetectable, so regular makeup can be worn over it for a more dramatic look.

Self Confidence Assured! 
You can be a better version of yourself. There is no better way to give yourself a confidence boost than you make the investment of permanent makeup. Unlike regular makeup, permanent makeup does not make you look different, only better. It will help you feel beautiful!

Reduced costs on traditional cosmetics.
By getting permanent makeup, you can cut the costs associated with cosmetic products. The money that you'll spend on permanent makeup procedures is far less than the traditional makeup products. 

There are many inherent benefits to getting permanent makeup. Depending which benefit motivates your decision, it's important to remember that permanent makeup application is an artistic skill. Please choose a well trained and experienced professional. Visually seeing my portfolio with help you decide if i'm the right artist for you!


Each client is measured and mapped precisely to  bone structure. Insuring you get exact the perfect shape.


The pigment is custom mixed and carefully chosen and approved by you.

Please Note: Not everyone is a good candidate for permanent makeup. I offer free consultations. Acworth Permanent Cosmetics has the right to refuse. Many factors are as followed, you are either pregnant or breastfeeding, on blood thinners, going through chemotherapy (you must be cleared by your physician). Botox and dermal fillers must be avoided two weeks prior to procedure and two weeks after permanent makeup. Eyeliner tattooing is not recommended for thin, sagging, vascular eyelids. Oily skin and frequent tanning is subject to fading quicker.

Touch ups are recommended. 


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